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Historic Hotels Ghent is a collection of 3 privately owned small hotels in the spectacular medieval centre of Ghent. Each hotel is housed on one or more of Ghent's historic buildings, dating back variously to as far as 1518. Historic Hotels Ghent is a unique concept. Not being part of a large hotel chain, the hotels each have an individual character and charm. The personal and relaxed atmosphere in our properties is designed to make the guest feel welcomed and at home.

Typical for the 3 hotels is the combination of the historical and the contemporary features in both the architecture and the decoration. This creates a unique appearance providing in the needs of a diverse audience. The three downtown hotels are housed in historic buildings. Each individual room is following the style and the character of the hotel.

How it all started

The De Witte family established their first hotel, the Hotel Gravensteen in the year 1985 in a mansion dating from 1865. The building had previously been used as a college and later as a conservatory. This was followed in 2004 by the Ghent River Hotel when the family acquired 2 buildings: a renaissance house from the year 1518 and a more recent part dating from the year 1857, built on the foundations of a sugar refinery. Finally, the thrid hotel, The Hotel de Flandre was opened in 2005, occupying a neo-classical building dating from the early 19th century and which had been used as a hotel from the beginning.

Future Expansion

The group Historic Hotels Ghent will expand with a brand new hotel in Aalst, the Tower Hotel (****) The hotel will have 81 rooms. Opening is expected end 2015.


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In addition to our properties in Ghent, we also have two Apart-Hotels in Brussels, the AXL ApartHotel, and the Wellington ApartHotel, both very close to Avenue Louise in the centre of Brussels.

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